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Blue Raven Race Production Company is the result of years of involvement in Race Planning, Race Timing, and a passion for non-profit fundraising.

Rick Wilson started a 5K & 10K fun run event called Rump Roast Run in Minocqua, WI.  The first year the race attracted only 86 participants.  Over the years, the race developed into one of the largest fun run events in northern WI.   The event has now grown to nearly 1200 runners in 2017.   In 2010, Rick started a new company called Tortoise & Hare Race Management, LLC.

Tortoise & Hare race timing was formed out of necessity.  Rick was the race director for the Rump Roast Run for 10 years and continues to be involved today.  However, in the 5th year of the event the chip timer cancelled.  Gratefully, it was weeks before the event date.  Rick tried to hire another race timing company but they were all booked.  He began investigating chip timing systems to purchase and found one that met the needs of the Rump Roast Run.  So…he bought the timing system with a partner and Tortoise & Hare was born.  

Needless to say, our staff can relate to all of the issues and concerns of the race directors that contact us.  However, after years of planning and timing race events, it became evident that non-profit organizations sometimes lack the experience and consistency to continually plan their events year to year.  Our business model eliminates the risk of loss for non-profit organizations trying to start a new race event and can help established events improve and grow.

We look forward to working with you on your next fundraising event.

 Blue Raven Race Production Company

“Slow and Steady wins the Race!”


Our Story

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