Rip Zip & Sip – March 3, 2018

The 2018 Rip Zip & Sip Fat Tire Bike Race features either a 10K or 30K timed lap race on the Minocqua Zip Line Mountain Bike Trails. When you’re not riding the Rip, take part in the Zip which are dual races on the zip line overhead of the festivities. After the race concludes, join us for the Sip after-party in the heated LAMBO Big Top tent. The party will include dinner, bucket and fat bike raffles, live music provided by the Brothers Burn Mountain and of course beverages! Come join the fun! This will be an.incredible celebration of the Lakeland area and the sports we enjoy. This non-profit event is a fundraiser for further trail development and signage at the Minocqua Zip Line Trails

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